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Five simple ways to be in the present moment

How often have you raced through your day thinking: ‘I just need to tick off this huge to-do list and then finally when I do yoga tonight, I’ll have time to be mindful’? Mindfulness shouldn’t be reserved for the times that you’ve marked for wellbeing – it should be a state of being, a way […]

Simple bowl food recipes: Roasted Veggie Salad with Jess Thomson

We all have different approaches to mindfulness, and ideas about what mindful eating means. I’ve been chatting with some of my favourite people about how they practice slow living and mindful eating at home. Jessica is a busy Mum with a baby and toddler at home, she understands the value in carving out mindful moments […]

A simple and beautiful Christmas table

The key to creating a Christmas table that you’ll love to share with your friends and family is to use things that are meaningful to you. To me the magic of Christmas lies in the holiday rituals I’ve created with my children. It’s so special because it’s only once a year. In Australia we don’t […]

Conversations about mindful travel with Louise Coghill

  Louise in her Fremantle Studio, where she’s based between overseas adventures. Louise Coghill is a storyteller, photographer, an adventurer and a caffeine addict. She’s hiked to Everest Base Camp, walked along the Great Wall of China, hitchhiked through Laos, and rode horses through Mongolia. She splits her time between her home in Perth and […]

Summer Popsicles with Granola, Berry and Yoghurt

Summer is almost here, and with it that feeling of youthful happiness. Mornings spent at the beach, soaking up the warm sand and staring up at clear blue skies that go forever. The taste of summer is sweet watermelon and summer berries. This recipe uses delicious fresh berries, mixed with yoghurt and granola to make […]

How to brew the perfect chai

One of my favourite ways to slow the morning is to have as few plans as possible. To spend the time brewing chai and enjoying it with no place to be but home. I’m an introvert at heart and I really like quiet times in solitude, baking, snuggling under blankets on the couch and generally doing things that feel cosy. There’s nothing cosier than sipping a freshly made chai in bed.

If you’ve been to one of my workshops recently you’ll have been treated to a delicious cup of chai. Not just any chai, my absolute favorite – Prana Chai, made by hand in Melbourne by founders Vincent, Koray & Mario. I brew mine slowly with soy milk (Bonsoy is my go to). It doesn’t take long for the aroma of cinnamon, cardamon and star anise to gently fill the air and the experience of the perfect chai begins, even before you’ve had the first taste.

I spoke to Mario, one of the founders of Prana Chai about how he got to be creating their winning version of authentic masala tea.

Ten ways to break your phone addiction

  Using our phones make us miss the things that really matter, that are right in front of us. Our phones are amazing tools. We have access to a world of information in our pockets. Used well, they make our lives easier, more fun, more inspired and connected. Which is great if we are using […]