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Conversations with Lise Walsh on finding your happy place

Lise Walsh is a self-taught cook and entrepreneur who creates the delicious, wholesome meals for my workshops. I love her fresh, seasonal, local approach to food. Lise describes cooking as her happy place. “It’s a mixture of so many things. A way to express creativity. A way to nourish my body and more importantly, my […]

Three things we can learn about living well from Japan

I’m by no means an expert, I’ve only had one trip to Japan, but it was enough to leave a lasting impression on me. Observing the culture, even briefly, gave me ideas on how to live with more consideration at home. There were three things in particular that stayed with me long after my plane […]

Green pea, leek & mint soup with spicy pepitas

Last winter, I was sitting with a friend, chatting and drinking spicy chai by the fireplace. I was feeling content but also a bit flat and a little bit quiet and I couldn’t muster the same sparkly enthusiasm she had that day. I apologised to her for feeling slow, and not in a good way […]

Living Lagom – the Swedish mantra for moderation

In our modern Western world, we often experience an intense struggle between feeling like we don’t have enough and feeling overwhelmed by excess. We can swing between these two extremes, struggling to find balance. We desire bigger homes, newer cars, fancier appliances, more instagrammable holidays. On the other side, we find ourselves overwhelmed by clutter, […]

Forest Bathing – three ways to add it into your self-care ritual

The term ‘forest bathing’ seems almost redundant, but with the hours that most people spend indoors, it’s become necessary to distinguish and carve out time to spend in nature. Forest bathing shouldn’t be mistaken as another therapy that humans should ‘consume,’ but a return to something fundamental; to ourselves and where we came from. The […]

Upside-down nectarine and hazelnut cake

Loved by everyone, it always brings a little something special to the table without being over the top or super sickly. It’s deliciously moist and nutty, and the buckwheat flour adds a slightly earthy flavour, while the fruit adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

Five simple ways to be in the present moment

How often have you raced through your day thinking: ‘I just need to tick off this huge to-do list and then finally when I do yoga tonight, I’ll have time to be mindful’? Mindfulness shouldn’t be reserved for the times that you’ve marked for wellbeing – it should be a state of being, a way […]