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4 simple ways to stop doing things that don’t matter

To stop doing things that don’t matter seems like an obvious one, but in actual fact, it’s not. What you think you prioritise and what you actually prioritise are two different things. Most of us have common priorities on the list, like exercising and spending time with family for example, but in reality, we might […]

The importance of recharging in nature with Wild Goose Camping

  Camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and benefit from the perspective and feeling of wellbeing that spending time outdoors can bring. Chloe Sparkes and Clint Collins know this all too well, they’re the couple behind Wild Goose Glamping, a luxury camping experience in the Margaret River region. They frequently camped […]

Solitude: The importance of alone time for fuelling creativity

Not to be confused with loneliness, solitude is a constructive solitary state that scientists say is absolutely essential to creativity. Apps and podcasts rob us from otherwise natural moments of solitude and the creative breakthroughs that happen in extended periods of silence. In his book Imagine, Johan Lehrer shares his research on the link between […]

Five ideas to practice gratitude every day

Feeling fulfilled comes first with gratitude. Having everything would feel like sweet nothing without it. Winterwares is a place that we try to practice gratitude every day and it fills the space and the people in it with more calm, peace and joy. From deepening relationships, our sense of self and even our sleep — […]

One bowl: A guide to eating more mindfully

Mindfulness is fast becoming the antidote to stress for modern society and there’s many ways to practice it, from meditation, walking and even eating mindfully. Author Don Gerard shares a guide to eating mindfully through his book One Bowl, a concept intended to make people more aware of the food we eat, how and what […]